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The K-type sensor is measuring the temperature of the pellet system's exhaust gases. This type of sensor is mainly used in pellet stoves Eco Spar with Mainboard Fumis Alpha.  ..
The sensor of the device is installed under the hopper in pellet systems stopping the operation of the pellet stove if the temperature exceeds the safety limit of 110°C...
Type 605 pressure switches are specially developed for use in gas fired heating systems. There are more than 40 million switches in use worldwide. Produced on a fully automated production line. High setting accuracy and repeatability, combined with excellent reliability characterise a qu..
Series NS2™ Air Flow Pressure Sensing Switches are designed with sturdy, contaminant-free construction, to provide low cost, high accuracy and reliability. NS2 switches offer a narrow switching differential and low set point tolerance over a wide operating temperature and set point range. They..
The sensor is measuring the ambient temperature and allows the pellet stove to be controlled by it...
The sensor is measuring the water temperature in the mantle and allows the pellet stove to be controlled by it...
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The sensors involved in the design of pellet stoves can perform functions such as:

  • controlling the combustion process;
  • water temperature control;
  • controlling the temperature of the flue gases.

Thanks to them, the manufacturer further guarantees the safety and accuracy of the heating appliance.