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Ash Vacuum cleaners & Filters

Model: 0000002646
The Ribitech Cenerill vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to clean ash out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and barbecue grills, something that household vacuum cleaners and regular utility vacs cannot do. The metal hose and canister make the model heat-resistant. A powerful 1000W motor..
Model: 0000006595
Hepa - Filter (High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter) are filters with particle filter class. Filters of this class are used for filtering viruses, respirable dusts, mite eggs and -secretions, pollen, smoke particles, asbestos , bacteria, various toxic dusts and aerosols. Hepa filter allow filtering..
Model: 08.443.005
Cleaning the stove has never been so easy. To maintain safety, only cold ash cleaning is permitted. While emptying the container, use a brush to clean the prefilter. That is all. The vacuum cleaner is ready for further use. When its power decreases, it means that the filters need to be cleaned. To d..
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